And Now for Dessert: Cranberry Pie

Have you received your free copy of Healthy Holidays: Slightly Indulgent Sweet Treats yet?

Citrus Brined Turkey for the main course, Sweetly Stuffed Sweet Potatoes for a filling and healthy side dish, and now to wrap up the menu with a scrumptious dessert. And no, it’s not pumpkin pie. I love pumpkin pie and all, but no. We’re going a different direction for this Thanksgiving.

very different direction. Instead of a creamy, smooth, squashy custard, we’re going with tartly-sweet, crumbly and fruity. Sound good? I thought so.

Let’s not waste anymore time, then. Here we have it, folks: Cranberry Crumble Pie. Brought to you by me at my blog, via Eat Good 4 Life. Enjoy!

Note: I actually made mine gluten-free and dairy-free by using a mixture of brown rice and sorghum flours to replace the whole wheat flour, and using palm shortening instead of butter in the crust. Turned out perfectly!

Well, that was QUICK, now wasn’t it?

Did I forget to mention how EASY this pie is? You can even do all the mixing in one bowl! No pastry crust to fiddle with, no demanding custard fillings. Just mix and pour.

This will be the CHEAPest time in the whole year to make this pie because cranberries are on sale these days for $2/lb or less.

Sugar aside, it’s a pretty HEALTHY dessert. Cranberries are little spheres of goodness, chock full of vitamins, fiber, antioxidants and more. So if you’re gonna have dessert at Thanksgiving, might as well make it with cranberries!

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