My Healthy Eating Plan for the Holidays {Get Healthy and Fit}

Welcome back to the Get Healthy & Fit series here at Authentic Simplicity! Joining me are 18 other bloggers, all desirous of improving their health and raising their level of fitness. We each have a different goal in mind and a different plan to reach that goal; and you can follow each blogger’s progress here. Follow along on Twitter and Pinterest as well!

I discussed my personal goals at length the first week, but to sum up, this is what I’m hoping to do in the course of these 12 weeks:

  • Kick my sugar habit
  • Lose approximately 10 lbs. and a few inches
  • Fit in my clothes
  • Develop sustainable habits like eating more proteins and fewer carbs

As we head into the holidays, I realize I have to have a plan in place to prevent me from over-indulging in all the sweets that are so prevalent this time of year. I don’t want to avoid them completely, because seriously – where’s the fun in that? I just need to be wise about it and make good choices so that when January rolls around, I won’t be regretting the whole season when I step on the scale.

Here’s my battle plan for avoiding extra weight creeping on during the holidays:

  • Focus on proteins and healthy fats. When going to a party or holiday dinner where there’s a spread of food, my plan is to focus on the proteins and fats available. My goal is to fill my plate mostly with those types of foods, and keep the carbs to a minimum as much as I can.
  • Eat carbs sparingly. I love carbs, but that doesn’t mean I need to load up on them. I will just choose carefully and pick my favorite carb among the ones available and eat that. I will eat just enough to satisfy my craving, but no more.
  • Don’t bake so many sweets. Part of the problem – for most of us, not just me – is the amount of sweets I make to give as gifts and to bring to holiday occasions. But having all those sweets around the house means that I indulge unnecessarily. A couple years ago, I made bread and jam to give as gifts, and they were met with just as much enthusiasm as the sweet goodies I typically prepared. This year, I plan to whip up a bunch of batches of gourmet-type popcorns to give as gifts. It’s still a carb, but it won’t be quite so tempting to me.
  • Eat sweets sparingly. There will always be delicious-looking sweets at all the parties and other events, so my aim is to eat the sweets there and not at home. And also, I will do my very best not to eat TOO many sweets while at those parties… but I can’t make too many promises.

I put this plan into practice over Thanksgiving weekend, and I didn’t do too badly, actually! I ate pretty healthfully at most of the meals; it was the in-between snacks that got me, so I need to be prepared for that as we head into December.

What’s your plan for sticking to your healthy goals during the holidays?

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  1. Sounds good! We have plans to do the same. :-)

  2. I will add, eat a small meal before doing to a Christmas party. I like your mission to get in shape.

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