How I Organized TWO Closets For $20!

The organizational bug hits me at random intervals throughout the year (much to my DH’s dismay), but it always arrives punctually between Christmas and New Year’s. Something about the influx of new stuff into the house fills me with an overpowering urge to purge out as much of the old stuff as possible.

This year was no different. The Boys’ closet had been bothering me for quite some time, because the little rolling closet organizer you see pictured above on the left had been serving us well for 4 years, and was ready to be retired. It started out as the receptacle for cloth diapers, baby toiletries, wash rags and the like, then slowly morphed into an organizer for little boys’ socks and shoes.

Um, yeah. That last part didn’t work out so well. As it turns out, little boys require sturdy sock-and-shoe organizers  that can withstand a certain amount of rough handling. That little fabric organizer cart just did not cut it; the fabric shelves were slowly being ripped apart, and the socks and shoes got all mixed up with each other. Orphan boy socks were becoming something of an epidemic around our house, and I was determined to do something about the situation before I lost all my hair to frustration. (I would rather lose my hair for genetic reasons or something at least remotely romantic. Not to mere frustration.)

So I replaced that little Munchkin Baby Care Cart organizer thing-y with a set of sturdy plastic drawers: two small drawers for socks, two big drawers for shoes. Also, I found an unused lined basket from elsewhere in the house to contain their hats, gloves, and ties, which had previously been mixed in randomly with the socks and shoes. A big sigh of satisfaction and my hair was saved. 

But I wasn’t done. Oh, no! My DH kindly asked if I wanted him to bring that old organizing cart down to the trash, but I said, “Give me a day. I bet I can figure out another use for it.” He looked at me skeptically (I don’t blame him!), but let me have my way.

Sure enough, the next day, I found a perfect use for that old cart! First, I fixed it up a little bit with some good old-fashioned needle and thread:

Almost as good as new!

Then I turned my attention to a sadly neglected corner of our walk-in closet (which, by the way, is very oddly shaped like a funky “L”) that I had hitherto been studiously avoiding. Another sigh, but this one was not of satisfaction! Piles and piles of pictures and photo albums were piled helter-skelter on the shelves, and boxes containing memories of all kinds were stacked on the floor. One shelf was dedicated to my DH’s sweaters and jeans because there was no more room in the dresser (Now, I wonder whose clothes were filling up all those drawers in the dresser?! Surely not mine!), but the poor guy just had them all piled up on top of each other in a big heap that was far from accessible. Grab one pair of jeans and the entire contents of the shelf came tumbling down. 

I set out to rescue him from that dire fate, and neatly folded all the sweaters and jeans into compartments on the once-again stable little cart. I was also able to place his shorts and sports uniforms from another ill-used closet shelf into the cart, killing another bird with my little stone. And now that the shelf was empty, I was able to neatly organize all the photo albums and memory boxes that had previously littered the floor. Those big brown boxes on the right contain my wrapping and scrapbooking supplies (like stickers, tags, markers, ribbon, etc.) and had been on the floor in a different part of the closet, so moving them up onto a shelf freed up some room on the floor so I could organize my collection of boots more neatly. 

Another sigh – this one of complete and total satisfaction! In one afternoon’s work, I:

  • organized The Boys’ closet
  • repaired the rolling cart
  • organized my DH’s clothing in the closet
  • organized my photo albums, memory boxes, and wrapping/scrapbooking supplies
  • organized my boots.

All for $20, which was the cost of the plastic drawers that replaced the rolling cart in The Boys’ closet. Not a bad day’s work, I say!

Do you have any organizing projects for the new year?


  1. That’s AWESOME!! I love when I can organize the endless clutter in my home. What a bonus that you were able to re-purpose something at the same time. winning! :)

  2. It is definitely a time for organizing. I get the same bug every year before and after Christmas. I try to prepare for the influx of new stuff and still need to do more when it’s all said and done. We are also repainting and freshening up the main living area of our house so of course new ideas abound.

    I’m off to Walmart today for cake decorating supply organizers (drawers like you got but smaller for my hutch) and Lego organizers. On my way there I have a bunch of stuff to drop off at a local donation center.

    It feels so good!

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