How to Get Your Husband to Clean the House

First, let me get one thing straight before I share my little magical tip with you. My DH is a pretty awesome guy who is quick to help out around the house whenever he senses my panic mode approaching (Because, honestly, nobody around here enjoys it when I go into panic mode. Ahem.). In fact, there are several chores he does on a regular basis – like folding clothes and making the bed – that really take a load off of me.

However, when it comes to getting down and dirty and actually doing the scrubbing kind of work… well, that’s where he’s a little more hesitant. And honestly, it’s entirely my fault, because all of my spray bottles are full of vinegar spray. The man hates the smell of vinegar. I mean, hates it with a passion.

I  know he’s not the only one! I recall from my teaching days when one of my students would practically run gagging from the room whenever I pulled out the vinegar spray for wiping down the lunch tables (which was, as you can imagine, every day, right after lunch). And I’ve heard other similarly crunchy mamas complain remark that their sensitive hubbies likewise despise the smell of vinegar and thereby escape helping out with the menial housework.

There’s a simple solution to this dilemma, my friend. Instead of the vinegar spray, buy a bottle of all-natural cleaning spray (that doesn’t smell anything remotely like vinegar) that the hubster can wield with confidence. Scummy bathtubs, be gone! Crumby countertops, off with you! Toddler-trashed tabletops, off you go!

Thankfully, this solution doesn’t have to be expensive, either. I like to keep a bottle of Method on hand for just this purpose, and it doesn’t cost anymore than a regular chemical-filled spray would – around $3.99 regular price. And right now, in fact, Method is offering $1 off any online purchase of their All-Purpose Spray with the code APCBLOG. And no vinegar to be found here! Only amazing smells like Cucumber, Pink Grapefruit, and French Lavender. (Believe me, I’ve tried other natural brands that just flat out stink. These Method sprays smell like a garden!)

I can tell you with confidence that this little trick works like a charm (Doesn’t it, oh-darling-hubby-of-mine?!). Your heretofore reticent hubby will be “cleaning like a mother”! Whenever I have a bottle of Method spray handy, my DH is happy to scrub away at bathrooms, countertops and tabletops without the least hesitation. Not so much with the vinegar stuff. So off with you, now! Get yourself a bottle of Method All-Purpose Spray and watch your hubby clean away.

This post was sponsored but the story is true. You can ask my DH.


  1. I just read about hydrogen peroxide working as well as vinegar but without the smell. Any inside info on that?

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