Sock Drawer Clean-Out! {28 Days to De-Clutter}

Cleaning out the linen closet was yesterday’s task in case you missed it. Today, we’re going to tackle the sock drawer. Or sock drawers if you are so inclined! If you’re keeping up with these challenges, join our 28 Days to De-Clutter Facebook Event page and share your excitement with the rest of us as you accomplish each task! If you’re just joining us now, you can keep up with all the tasks here.

I will be honest. I hate socks. And I hate hose. And I like tights but only in the dead of winter. And I hate buying tights because they’re so dreadfully expensive. So my sock drawer is pretty bare most of the time anyway. However, there are certain people in my house who shall remain unnamed whose sock drawers can hardly be shut because they are so full of socks. Ahem. And then there are other, also unnamed, people in my house who repeatedly lose the mates to their socks at an alarming rate, and whose socks end up scattered around the house hither and yon with abandon.

It is to them I dedicate this post.

De-Clutter Your Sock Drawer in 10 Minutes 

Choose which sock drawer you want to battle. Then set your timer for 10 minutes, and…


Collect all the socks from the nether regions of your house into one place. Dump out any socks still in the drawer and begin sorting through your pile.

First, make a big heap of all the orphans. You might find as you go that they are not orphans at all, but for now, just set them to one side.

Also take note of hole-y socks. They must go. Where is up to you, but go they must.

Now analyze the remaining hole-free, well-matched socks. Do you like them? Do you wear them? Are they still in style? Maybe it’s time to get rid of the jingle bell socks you’ve had since your early twenties (true story). If you answer “no” to any of those questions, then that pair of socks must also go.

Once you have a pile of socks that you love and are in good condition, make sure they’re folded neatly and then place them into your sock drawer in an organized fashion. I like to fold mine the way Mama’s Laundry Talk says to fold them – it’s simple and it keeps the socks from getting stretched out. I do fold my kids’ socks in the traditional method (folding one sock into the other) just to cut down on the sock orphanage inhabitants, but my own socks just fold flat.

Extra Credit

  • Socks can be darned (tee hee) by following these simple instructions. I personally do not love socks enough to go through that effort, but if you really love your socks, you will be happy that there is a way to keep them going for a little while longer.
  • If you’re socks have had it (or are orphaned) then consider upcycling them!: Make a bag holder or a Barbie sweater, turn them into mittens or mitten cuffs, or use them as plant pot covers or vase covers. Or do what I did and turn it into a coffee cup cozy.
  • While you’re in the vicinity, take the time to organize the other nearby drawers – ya know, the underwear and lingerie drawers. Yes, I organized mine, too, but ain’t no way I’m splashing pictures of those all over the internet!!
  • Check out the 28 Days to De-Clutter Pinterest Board for more inspiration!

Let’s De-Clutter Together

If you completed today’s 10-minute task, I’d love to hear about it! Tell me all about it – and show me a picture – on the 28 Days to De-Clutter Facebook Event page. Bloggers can grab the badge below and write a post – I’ll link to it in my next post and pin it to my 28 Days to De-Clutter Pinterest Board, and share on Facebook and Twitter.  And everyone can join in on the Twitter conversation by using the hashtag #28daystodeclutter.