5 Best Android Apps Which Are Not Available In Google Play Store!

Perhaps when someone tells us to download the app then the first step which comes in our mind is to open Google Play store and download that particular app in our android device, every single user knows that Google PlayStore is the only app store where we can easily find all the apps and download them without any worries.

It may have happened that when you’re searching a particular app and unable to find it on Google play store due to several security reasons, but don’t worry as you can still download that particular app with the help of apk files and even with the help of alternative app stores.

Ways to Unlock Forgotten Pattern Lock in Android!

‘By discovering how our minds work, we can improve our learning power and unlock our true potential’. It is also been said that- there’s nothing impossible in this world if you have the courage to do it.  Forgot pattern lock android? Some day’s back, common Android users were facing a lot of problems if their android phones get locked and they forget android pattern or unlock pattern, what should they do; and it was a common problem faced by many, lot of times.

Sometimes you might have encountered this problem and wondered ‘forgot my android lock, now how to unlock pattern password’. So, here’s way out to this problem. You can employ any of the methods which we are going to describe below and get rid of easily with this issue.

Flipkart Vs Amazon: E-Commerce Battleground Heating up in India!

There is no doubt that India is one of the fastest growing countries in the world, whether it is about population, economy or business opportunities. Perhaps everyone is well aware of the ongoing war Flipkart vs Amazon the two online e-commerce giants in India. Rest of the countries always consider India as the second biggest market in the whole world that’s why Amazon which is probably the world’s largest online e-commerce company is seriously interested in spreading business in India and the main reason for competition between Amazon vs Flipkart.

As we all know Flipkart is an Indian company and already proved its supremacy in India long before Amazon, so the comparison between Amazon and Flipkart is obvious and we all just want to know which is better Flipkart or Amazon.

Although Amazon has started its online business in India in 2013, Amazon is trying its best to strengthen its roots in India which is a matter of concern for the established company like Flipkart. But when it comes to Flipkart vs Amazon comparison both of them are best at their place in certain areas and it is quite difficult to judge Amazon or Flipkart which is better.

The Real Difference Between MasterCard & Visa!

MasterCard vs Visa; which one is better MasterCard or visa card? First of all, there’s not much difference between these two. They are actually payment networks. These actually process the payments that take place between the merchants and banks for the acquisition done through cards. Secondly, be clear with the fact that neither the MasterCard nor Visa distributes these cards. It is the banks that basically charges the fees, set up the rates of interest and offer the rewards. If we talk about which is better Visa or MasterCard; there are some aspects which we have to go through to get to the conclusion what is better Visa or MasterCard?

Both of these payment networks cater their cardholders with some common benefits like extended warranties, insurance, car rentals, fraud protection etc but there is just a little difference between MasterCard and Visa Card. Though MasterCard or Visa card; both are accepted internationally there is little variation in their stats or number of cardholders or the number of places where they are not accepted or which is the one which is accepted more or specific for someplace.

Ways to Recover Deleted History on Google Chrome!

You might be here because you’ve lost your crucial Chrome browsing history and are gravely looking for the answer of how can I see deleted history on google chrome? If that’s so, you’ll find the best possible ways to get back deleted history of Google Chrome browser in this tutorial. Due to its sleek interface and fast speed, Google Chrome has widely used around the world.

Be it desktop PC or laptop or Android phone, Google Chrome delivers the same service on all the platforms but sometimes a wrong click may lead to blunder and therefore we need to find the answer of how to find the deleted history in google chrome.

Well, there could be many reasons to find deleted history on google chrome, maybe you are anxious to keep watch on your child activity over the internet or simply want to regain the lost URL. Whatsoever the reason is, fortunately, we’ve some ways to recover deleted history on Google Chrome. To get back deleted Google Chrome history, we’re suggesting you some of the easiest methods in this piece.

Methods Of Blocking Ads On Chrome!

Whenever we are about to begin any of our essential project or daily exercise on chrome, the only factor that affects our productivity and efficiency is none other than all these annoying and unnecessary ads. Possibly the first idea that comes to our mind is how to get rid of pop up ads on chrome. Sometimes we feel that these Ads are teasing and telling us “stop us if you can”, not only these pop-ups and ads irritate us but also can damage our limited data plan as well. If we didn’t know how to block ads on chrome, probably we end up messing with hosts files and simply can ruin our system’s internal settings.

But it is highly advised not to take this kind of steps only to explore how to get rid of pop up ads as there are settings to block all these non-essential Ads and pop-ups inside Chrome, which is considered to be the safest option to get rid of these undesired advertisements. thus if you’re eager to know how to block ads on chrome for free then you just have to follow all these steps mentioned below which definitely can do the trick for you.