Methods Of Blocking Ads On Chrome!

Whenever we are about to begin any of our essential project or daily exercise on chrome, the only factor that affects our productivity and efficiency is none other than all these annoying and unnecessary ads. Possibly the first idea that comes to our mind is how to get rid of pop up ads on chrome. Sometimes we feel that these Ads are teasing and telling us “stop us if you can”, not only these pop-ups and ads irritate us but also can damage our limited data plan as well. If we didn’t know how to block ads on chrome, probably we end up messing with hosts files and simply can ruin our system’s internal settings.

But it is highly advised not to take this kind of steps only to explore how to get rid of pop up ads as there are settings to block all these non-essential Ads and pop-ups inside Chrome, which is considered to be the safest option to get rid of these undesired advertisements. thus if you’re eager to know how to block ads on chrome for free then you just have to follow all these steps mentioned below which definitely can do the trick for you.

How to Block Pop Up Ads on Google Chrome on Desktop

You may have felt this many times how to block ads on Google chrome whenever you open Google Chrome for any urgent task or to search for some important information, so many disturbing Ads and Pop-UPS frequently interrupts and interfere in your important work.

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Neither they are related to our search criteria nor are they of any work for us, so if you’ve already searched for how to remove ads from Google chrome then blocking all these Ads and pop-ups is one of the best options available for us which you can simply do by updating your chrome settings which are as mentioned below.

  • Open “Google Chrome” on your desktop.
  • Now click on three dots on the top-right corner of Google Chrome then a drop-down menu will appear on your screen.
  • Click on “settings” option in the menu.
  • Then you can simply scroll down and click “advanced” at the bottom of the page.
  • Go to “privacy & security sections” and then click “content settings”
  • There you will find ads blocking option, just click on “Ads”
  • In that particular menu a blue button is given, just click on “allowed” switch which instantly turns in into grey.
  • After that go back and click “popups” in “contents setting” menu to disable all the popups as well.
  • Just after these switches turn into grey, chrome has started to block all those annoying and intrusive ads which cause you to grumble.

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As you have successfully blocked all the unnecessary Ads and pop-ups after updating the settings of chrome browser and know you know already how to block ads in chrome, after that you will never ever see these disturbing ads on your computer screen in future which not only make you feel better but at the same time increase your working efficiency as well.

How to Block Ads on Chrome Android

Whether we talk about our computer or Smartphone how to stop pop up ads on android is our main concern, these unwanted advertisements and pop-ups are meant to ruin all the tasks that you need to complete on a priority basis. Due to these advertisements, we are busy closing unnecessary pages on our browser and due to this, most of our time is wasted which also affects our productivity. Thus it is better to block these Ads and know how to stop ads on my android phone with the help of these steps mentioned below so that you don’t feel irritated and can concentrate on your important tasks.

  • Just open “Google Chrome” in your android device.
  • Press the three dots on the right upper corner of your screen.
  • Select “settings” from the drop-down
  • Then tap on “site settings” at the near bottom of the page.
  • Now press “Pop-ups” which you will find in the “site settings” menu.
  • After that press blue “pop-ups” switch and turn it into grey, now chrome will block all those pop-ups and ads spoiling your browsing experience on your Smartphone.

After following the steps given above you can simply remove these creepy Ads and how to stop popups in chrome from your Smartphone permanently. It is much better to stop these Ads which often come in front of your eyes on your mobile screen and tease you while you’re busy in completing your crucial assignments.

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Online advertisements are one of the biggest revenue generators for any website today and due to this we always find ourselves in trouble whenever we visit any website. You will always find a couple of ads on the entire site and pop-ups as well which makes us go crazy. That’s why we at Authentic Simplicity have searched some simple steps on how to stop popups in chrome which will prove to be very useful for you in future whenever you’re about to visit any website full of unnecessary ads and irritating pop-ups.