5 Best Android Apps Which Are Not Available In Google Play Store!

Perhaps when someone tells us to download the app then the first step which comes in our mind is to open Google Play store and download that particular app in our android device, every single user knows that Google PlayStore is the only app store where we can easily find all the apps and download them without any worries.

It may have happened that when you’re searching a particular app and unable to find it on Google play store due to several security reasons, but don’t worry as you can still download that particular app with the help of apk files and even with the help of alternative app stores.

Ways to Unlock Forgotten Pattern Lock in Android!

‘By discovering how our minds work, we can improve our learning power and unlock our true potential’. It is also been said that- there’s nothing impossible in this world if you have the courage to do it.  Forgot pattern lock android? Some day’s back, common Android users were facing a lot of problems if their android phones get locked and they forget android pattern or unlock pattern, what should they do; and it was a common problem faced by many, lot of times.

Sometimes you might have encountered this problem and wondered ‘forgot my android lock, now how to unlock pattern password’. So, here’s way out to this problem. You can employ any of the methods which we are going to describe below and get rid of easily with this issue.