Flipkart Vs Amazon: E-Commerce Battleground Heating up in India!

There is no doubt that India is one of the fastest growing countries in the world, whether it is about population, economy or business opportunities. Perhaps everyone is well aware of the ongoing war Flipkart vs Amazon the two online e-commerce giants in India. Rest of the countries always consider India as the second biggest market in the whole world that’s why Amazon which is probably the world’s largest online e-commerce company is seriously interested in spreading business in India and the main reason for competition between Amazon vs Flipkart.

As we all know Flipkart is an Indian company and already proved its supremacy in India long before Amazon, so the comparison between Amazon and Flipkart is obvious and we all just want to know which is better Flipkart or Amazon.

Although Amazon has started its online business in India in 2013, Amazon is trying its best to strengthen its roots in India which is a matter of concern for the established company like Flipkart. But when it comes to Flipkart vs Amazon comparison both of them are best at their place in certain areas and it is quite difficult to judge Amazon or Flipkart which is better.

That’s why we’ve compared Amazon & Flipkart in some specific areas like Amazon vs Flipkart customer service, Flipkart vs amazon market share and Amazon vs Flipkart product quality by which you will know the difference between Flipkart vs amazon 2018 and you can choose which one is best for you as per your preference.

Comparison between Amazon and Flipkart

S.noBasis of ComparisonFlipkartAmazon
1.Country of OriginIndiaAmerica
2.Collection of ProductsVastVast
3.User InterfaceUser FriendlySlightly Tough
4.Customer ServiceCan provide betterAlready providing best
5.Priority badgesFlipkart advantageAmazon fulfilled
6.Price of ProductsComparatively high from competitorsComparatively low from competitors
7.Product return policyAvailable but not flexible Flexible as per customer
8.Deals & DiscountsDuring festivals/special occasionsDuring festivals/prime day sale
9.Courier servicesE-KartATS
10.MarketplaceRecently transformed in open marketSince inception an open market

Flipkart vs Amazon Market Share

If we go with reports that it is clear that Amazon has almost filled the gap with Flipkart to 1% sales in 2017 as compared to 5% in the year 2016, so Amazon is slowly and steadily tightening its grip in India. Still, Flipkart leads the e-commerce war in India with Myntra and Jabong. When it comes to fashion and Smartphone category Flipkart is the first choice of every customer but in other categories like consumer electronics, home appliances and groceries Amazon is ahead in sales.

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In tier 1 metro cities Amazon is the clear leader with 80% of people living in Tier 1 cities shopped on Amazon while Flipkart manages to have only 65% customers from tier 1 cities. According to a market research firm, Flipkart has 31.9% of market share where Amazon is right behind it with 31.1% of e-commerce market share in India.

Amazon vs Flipkart Customer Service

Flipkart emerged as a most trusted brand in tier-II and tier-III and Amazon in Metro and tier-I cities, but if it comes to overall user experience Amazon is the sure shot winner in the whole country. According to the reports based on the survey among 7500 online shoppers in 30 cities in India, Amazon’s prime membership which offers more and more under one roof is the main reason behind the fall of Flipkart in user experience. About 35% of sales on Amazon have arisen through their prime membership, which the company has just launched in India.

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Amazon vs Flipkart Product Quality

Once again Amazon comes first and holds the highest brand equity among sellers in India, followed by Flipkart and other e-commerce sites. All the e-commerce giants in India targeting and intend to increase the numbers of retailers as more retailers means more products to attract online shoppers.

Right now sellers associated with big e-commerce portals are more familiar with Amazon as compared to Flipkart who is born and brought up in India only. So Amazon is also leading the segment when it comes to product quality and quantity of sellers, any single online portal has to sale their products.

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No one can simply deny this fact that before the arrival of Amazon in India, Flipkart was on the top most spot when it comes to working e-commerce portals in India. It is but obvious Amazon has more experience in e-commerce business and Amazon is known worldwide as one of the top leading online trading companies as compared to Flipkart which is born and raised in India and don’t have any global exposure.

So we just can’t make our decision on Flipkart or Amazon which is better, but right now they’re the only competitors eyeing the second largest consumer base in terms of online business and relatively giving tough competition to each other. But in this competitive environment, if anyone is getting most of the benefits then they’re none other than consumers itself. Check more blogs here.