The Real Difference Between MasterCard & Visa!

MasterCard vs Visa; which one is better MasterCard or visa card? First of all, there’s not much difference between these two. They are actually payment networks. These actually process the payments that take place between the merchants and banks for the acquisition done through cards. Secondly, be clear with the fact that neither the MasterCard nor Visa distributes these cards. It is the banks that basically charges the fees, set up the rates of interest and offer the rewards. If we talk about which is better Visa or MasterCard; there are some aspects which we have to go through to get to the conclusion what is better Visa or MasterCard?

Both of these payment networks cater their cardholders with some common benefits like extended warranties, insurance, car rentals, fraud protection etc but there is just a little difference between MasterCard and Visa Card. Though MasterCard or Visa card; both are accepted internationally there is little variation in their stats or number of cardholders or the number of places where they are not accepted or which is the one which is accepted more or specific for someplace.

Features and Services that Visa and MasterCard Offers

Contactless Payment

Visa PayWave or MasterCard PayPass credit cards aid you for making payment by simply tapping your card with compatible reader. If your transaction is less than $100; then you do not have to enter a pin. If your transaction exceeds $100, you can then also tap to pay but a confirmation of your purchase with a pin is required.

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Premium Cards

Both of these provide standard and premium card options.

Exclusive Offers

Both of them provides for exclusive entertainment, shopping offers, and The premium cards offer discounted services on holiday packages and cruise to its exclusive card holders.

Global security Service

If you need any help or assistance, there are 24/7 hotlines available across the world.

Protection in Online Shopping

Both of these Visa Card and MasterCard provides safety and protect your online payments.

Seeing the various astonishing features, you must be now aware of the facilities that both these card giants cater to you. Here, we have seen the common features which are shared by both the Visa card and MasterCard but then what’s the difference between the two will be cleared when you’ll scroll down a bit to have a glance on the points which will let you know what is the difference between MasterCard and Visa card.

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Difference between MasterCard and Visa card

According to customers; Visa – MasterCard comparison is a bit difficult. Their appeal goes like there isn’t much difference between them. These both offer the three-tier benefits. The offerings at a higher level include vacation bundles and travel at discounted rates etc. Still, Visa and MasterCard difference can be judged on the basis of below-mentioned points which are as follows-


Visa has a network of about 28 million merchants, two million ATMs in 200 countries including territories. On the other hand, MasterCard has a network of about 30 million merchants, 1.5 million ATMs and is operational in about 210 countries.


Despite being part of the payment network that is actually same, MasterCard vs Visa card offer different discounts at frequent intervals of time.

Visa signature features for travel insurance policies, purchase protection, luxury Hotel collection and they offer you some benefits to enjoy such as breakfast, internet service, room upgrades (complimentary) and late check-outs.

MasterCard offers add-on benefits or facilities to the customers who possess World Elite Master cards and they offer guests with complimentary breakfast, late checkouts, internet service and room upgrades. It also incorporates the priceless cities program that offers its customers shopping, sports, entertainment and certain events that will happen around the cities.

Discount Programs

If you possess the business credit card, you get entitled to save more money on different purchases.

Basically, Visa Offers discounts to the merchants participating envelop Hotels, gas stations, agencies that aid car rental etc. It mostly offers a 15% discount.

MasterCard also caters to the similar saving program where its participating merchants are gas stations, car repair chains, and Hotels. The discount rate in all these varies.

Purchase Protection

For Visa Card: the extended Warranty protection (it is maximum $10000 per claim and $50,000 per cardholder).

For MasterCard: The extended warranty is basically subjected to different limits.


In respect to technology, there is not much gap between the two. Both of them is continuing to work on new technologies like offering contactless payment; known as ‘tap and pay’. It also offers security in online shopping and safe online transactions. They possess their own pathway for making the transactions and have own code or OTP system.

You must now be cleared with the minor difference that exists between Visa vs MasterCard.

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Wrapping Up…

From the article above, our blog conclude that it’s actually a tie. Hence, to find out which is the best option between Visa and MasterCard is a bit difficult to decide as the differences between Visa and MasterCard is very less i.e. the number of cities in which it is operational, the number of ATMs, the difference in interest rates and the difference in annual fees. Otherwise, the rest of the features and facilities they provide are almost the same. If you pick up a category say Visa vs MasterCard acceptance then also it is acceptable almost worldwide. Therefore, both are best and there isn’t much difference on which it could be concluded that visa card is best or MasterCard, both of them possess their own stand.