Just What the Doctor Ordered: Crockpot Greek Chicken

I haven’t posted much on my blog recently because I have been doing the following:
*trying to nurse my Certain Little Someone back to health
*taking him to the doctor (oh, and the ER!)
*trying to rest (and failing)
*trying to nurse myself back to health
*taking myself to the doctor.

One more doctor’s visit tomorrow, and I think (I hope) we’ll be done with that for a while! As it was, today I had a doctor’s appointment for myself right around the time I would normally be cooking dinner; and on top of that, it’s DH’s softball night, so eating later than usual was not an option. Crockpot to the rescue! I love that thing!

I made one of my go-to recipes (if I have such a thing… that means I’ve made it more than once!) from one of my all-time favorite cookbooks, that crockpot classic, “Fix it and Forget it”. All kinds of crockpot recipes and variations for everything from roast beef to mac and cheese to cake.

The one I picked today was called “Greek Chicken”. I don’t know what makes it Greek, except for maybe the oregano? At any rate, it’s a good basic recipe with few ingredients, but reliable, and, of course, tasty. Can’t go wrong with chicken, oregano and olive oil!

Here’s how to make Greek Chicken:

Cut potatoes (I used 7 medium red potatoes for 5 or 6 servings) into quarters or large chunks. You don’t even have to peel them, although I peeled some for my DH:

Place several pounds of chicken pieces (I used split chicken breasts) on top of the potatoes. My crockpot cooks quickly, so I always put the meat in frozen. (At this point, you can also add some fresh chopped onion and garlic. I opted out of that for DH’s sake, but it would add a lot of flavor.) Sprinkle salt and pepper to taste, and then add 1 TBSP of oregano. Yes, that’s a LOT of oregano, but it’s perfect:

Then drizzle some olive oil over the top. The recipe called for 1 TBSP, but I probably used about 2:

I set mine to cook on High for 6 hours, but they were done at closer to 5 hours. Serve the potatoes separately:

Now that was QUICK! A few minutes of prep and then I let it go while I finished the housework and went to my doctor’s appointment. When I came back from the doctor, all I had to do was steam some carrots and slice some fresh fruit for side dishes.

And EASY, naturally. I love that this recipe is so simple but it is so tasty as well. Because it’s not only a main dish, but also a side dish, it minimizes the rest of your work in the kitchen for dinner as well.

And CHEAP, of course. You can use any kind of chicken pieces you find on sale, because it’s very versatile. I probably wouldn’t recommend drumsticks, but bone-in thighs and breasts work very well. A whole cut-up chicken would also do nicely. The minimal ingredients make for a very inexpensive dish.

No question of whether or not it is HEALTHY: all wholesome, nutritious ingredients, and delicious as well.