About Authentic Simplicity

Some things in life are worth the complications. Others? Not so much. 

It’s my aim in life (OK, one of them) to balance authenticity (keepin’ it real) and simplicity (keepin’ it simple). Kind of like my wedding ring: it’s authentic, because who would want a fake? But it’s simple, because gaudy is just not me.

Alas, not everything in life is serendipitously and simultaneously authentic and simple like my wedding ring. If it were, then wedding rings would not be quite so precious, would they? Sometimes one must sacrifice authenticity for simplicity, and vice versa.

Join me, then, on my journey to find the elusive union of authentic and simple, the place where “real” and “easy” join hands and work together to achieve admirable results. And follow along as I discover when to replace the one with the other for the sake of my own sanity and my love for those around me.

In other words, Let’s keep it real. And let’s keep it simple. 

~At Home~

~In the Budget~

~On My Mind~

~On the Table~

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