Fight the Flu with Pumpkin Soup

First up is pumpkin! Yeah, yeah, I hear you say. And I know, I know, I’ve really been quite obsessed with pumpkin this fall. But this is the last one, I swear. At least… I think so, anyway. I reserve the right to blog about anymore amazing pumpkin recipes I may come across in the future.

But there really is a good reason to include pumpkin in the list of foods that will help you ward off the flu this season, and that reason can be summed up in one word: beta-carotene. You know that gorgeous, rich orange color? It comes from the antioxidant called beta-carotene, which the body turns into vitamin A. How does this help you fight the flu?

According to the Mayo Clinic, one benefit of vitamin A – among many – is that it improves immune function. My personal opinion is that good ol’ vitamin A as it’s found in nature is a lot more effective at helping out your immune system than a shot that’s loaded with chemicals and fakes out your immune system.

Whether or not you get the flu shot, though, you’ll love this recipe for pumpkins and the extra vitamin A will do you good, too! I was inspired by this recipe for Armenian Pumpkin Soup, but I’m afraid I totally un-Armenia-fied it by switching out the spices and sauteing the onions with garlic instead of boiling them as suggested.

Pumpkin soup makes a nice stand-in for tomato soup, I think, perfect with a grilled cheese on a rainy day!

This soup recipe is QUICK enough for even the busiest weeknight meal.

Very EASY, too, if you have the pumpkin puree on hand.

Quite CHEAP, as well, with the minimal amount of ingredients.

And certainly HEALTHY, as we’ve already made clear!

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Come back next week to find out which meal you need to eat or increase your risk of contracting the flu!

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