Savory Oven Pancake to Keep You Happy

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So ladies, I’ve already reminded you of your need to eat your breakfast, and that a healthy, well-balanced diet can help reduce your PMS symptoms. Both things significantly affect your mood, and you know what they say about when Mama ain’t happy. Yeah. Ain’t nobody happy.

So let’s remember to eat breakfast and to eat well. I’ve got a great recipe for you that will help you out with both things. It’s a twist on a traditional breakfast recipe that makes it suitable for any meal, and it’s jam-packed with proteins, healthy fats, and whole grains. I will admit it’s low on the greens and veggies side of things, so strongly consider serving it with a leafy green salad or some sauteed greens (if you happen to enjoy eating those disgusting slimy things).

I’m sure you’ve heard of “oven pancakes, also called Dutch pancakes. They’re usually just a little bit sweet, and served with syrup, jam, powdered sugar, or fried apples. There’s nothing wrong with a touch of sweetness on occasion; I just wanted to get creative and see if I could turn this traditional breakfast food into something different that would make it even more appropriate for dinner as well as breakfast.

You can do a lot more with this recipe, of course: add some cheese, spinach or other greens, or other herbs and spices.

It’s a great QUICK dinner (or weekend breakfast or brunch), ready in half an hour or less.

It’s so EASY, too.

It’s a great CHEAP meal, too, cheaper than a meat-based meal at any rate.

As long as it’s accompanied by some fruits and veggies (greens like I recommended, especially), it makes a great HEALTHY meal.

What’s your favorite breakfast-for-dinner?

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