Falling off the Wagon Hurts {Get Healthy Get Fit Series}

Welcome back to the Get Healthy & Fit series here at Authentic Simplicity! Joining me are 18 other bloggers, all desirous of improving their health and raising their level of fitness. We each have a different goal in mind and a different plan to reach that goal; and you can follow each blogger’s progress here. Follow along on Twitter and Pinterest as well!

I discussed my personal goals at length the first week, but to sum up, this is what I’m hoping to do in the course of these 12 weeks:

  • Kick my sugar habit
  • Lose approximately 10 lbs. and a few inches
  • Fit in my clothes
  • Develop sustainable habits like eating more proteins and fewer carbs


This week, I totally fell off the wagon.

Ouch. It hurt.

So I’m clambering back up on it again, anxious to get back into healthier low-carb eating, now that the majority of the junk food is gone from my house. That sweet tooth really has a death grip on me, and once I give it an inch, it happily takes a mile! (I just mixed a bunch of metaphors, but hopefully you still understand me.)

This Week’s Update

Consequently, my stats aren’t great this week. Not quite as bad as I expected, which is good. But not great.

Weight: 135.2 (still down from starting point)

Waist: 31″ (surprisingly the same)

Butt: 40″ (also surprisingly the same)

Find out how the other ladies are doing with their weight loss efforts and other goals by clicking on the image below.


  1. I’ve been afraid to weigh since getting back from Allume. :-/

  2. Thank you for realing.

  3. This is way more fun and exciting to watch you all go for this at once, what a great idea. The post caught my attention because I agree, falling off the wagon hurts, mostly my pride. It was good to have another soul that felt the same. :) I wish you all good luck, this will be fun to be a part of… from afar! 😀

  4. You can do it, Anne! I know it’s hard and it stinks.

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