Three Birds, One Stone: Christmas, New Years’ and Thank You Cards

Union Pacific Tea Company XmasCard 2 This time of year, the card company execs are all rubbing their hands delightedly as we all rush to the store and purchase their overpriced boxes of pretty paper, then rush home to sign them, stamp them, and send them off to our far-flung friends and relatives in time to wish them a very merry Christmas.

Now, I love receiving Christmas cards and letters from family and friends, so I would be the last person on earth to suggest we eliminate the practice altogether. However, I do have a suggestion that might make the whole Christmas card process a little easier, a lot less frantic, and just as meaningful. 

Send the Christmas cards after Christmas. 

I mean, seriously. Why not? 

The advantages of sending Christmas cards after Christmas:

  • You can wait until the Christmas frenetic rush of activity is over, and deal with the task during the afterglow of Christmas done.
  • You can extend greetings, wishes, and prayers for a happy, healthy New Year to all your family and friends.
  • The Christmas cheer doesn’t end at Christmas; it keeps giving into the New Year!
  • You can thank said far-flung friends and relatives for the gifts they gave you and your family at Christmas, without taking the time to write an extra card. One stone is all you need.
  • You can buy Christmas cards on clearance. 75% off, baby!

Disadvantages? I can’t think of any. Can you?

When do you typically send your Christmas cards?



  1. Love this idea!! In fact, it is confirmation of sorts for me. We have been sick since Thanksgiving at our house and things have not gotten done as per ‘normal’ so I was thinking that we could send out cards following Christmas, when I had the time to prepare them with the love I want to put in them!! Count me in! This is my first visit here….I’ll be back! I am launching a new blog for the new year – come see me sometime!

  2. I have friends who do Valentine’s cards and letters for these reasons!

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