My Simple Preschool: Days of the Week Printable

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Last week, I confessed my ineptitude when it comes to math, and shared how I’m dealing with it by going really low-key throughout the pre-school years.

One thing I’m really focusing on this year is the concept of time: years (seasons), months, weeks, days, hours, minutes. Since I know how to tell time, this is a concept I can handle! Also, my Certain Little Someone had been asking me incessantly about things like days of the week, and what time it is and what time it will be when, etc. etc. After answering the same question approximately 1000 times in one day, I decided it was about time to teach him how to figure these things out for himself.

Like other aspects of math, time can be an abstract concept, so I knew I needed to visualize it in some way. In particular, he was very curious about the days of the week, so I started there and made a printable chart. I hung it up on his school magnet board, and as we go through the week, we rotate a round magnet through the cycle of days.

I’m sharing this printable with you in case you, too, have a curious little pre-schooler who wants to know what day it is today, what day it will be tomorrow, and the day after that and the day after that. You can hang it on your fridge or a bulletin board and use any kind of marker to keep track of the days – magnets, push pins, etc.

Click here to download the days of the week printable.

We also sing a little song to keep the days of the week in order. I keep it very simple, of course. (That’s how I roll, as you might have guessed.) It goes like this:

Sunday (C)

Monday (D)

Tuesday (E)

Wednesday (F)

Thursday (G)

Friday (F)

Sat. (E) Ur. (D) Day. (C)

Those letters in parentheses are the notes we sing in case you didn’t catch that! Really we just sing up and down a pentascale (5 notes in a row) – like I said, simple! It really helps my Certain Little Someone memorize the order of the days of the week.

And, of course, you don’t have to be home-schooling to benefit from this little tool! Just make it part of your morning routine so your little one can easily and quickly learn the days of the week.

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