My Simple Preschool: Reading Pt. 2

Join me every week as I show you how me and my 4-year-old Certain Little Someone do simple preschool at home.

No curriculum, no pressure, but lots of learning! 

Last week, I shared with you my method for teaching reading, and I thought that I would show you a practical example of a preschool reading lesson in action.

Of course, I don’t want to bore you to tears, so it’s really just a snippet from 2 or 3 lessons, but it should be enough to give you an idea of how a typical lesson goes.

The books he’s reading are from the BOB Books series, which I mentioned in my post last week.

You may also have noticed the notebook, which is an integral part of our phonics and reading lessons. I essentially use the notebook in lieu of a whiteboard or chalkboard. In the particular lesson we were working through, my aim was to help him differentiate between the different digraphs “sh”, “ch”, “th”, as well as the individual letters “s” and “t”. Visual discrimination between the different sounds is an essential element in reading, so in this exercise, the ending letters were all the same – “-in”, and the beginnings were all the different sounds we were working through. This is the sort of exercise I like to write in his notebook.
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  1. Loving this series, Anne! You have so much wisdom to offer in this area!

  2. This looks just like our reading lessons…wiggles and all =) I think this is a fantastic way to teach little ones to read, and obviously it is working for you! Thank you for sharing this video with us at Trivium Tuesdays! I hope you will come back and link up with us again next week!

  3. Mine are still wiggling! I remember the days of teaching my oldest to read, and that moment when he understood blending sounds. Now I’m working with my 3rd though he’s learning to read in school. He loves reading to his younger brother, and his younger siblings love hearing him.

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