5 Summer Uses for Lavender Oil

Summer is a wonderful time of year… but personally, I kind of dread it because it comes with some unfortunate baggage. You know, stuff like bugs (Ticks! Mosquites! Spiders! Yuck!), poison ivy, heat, heatstroke, heat headaches, sunburns… yeah, all that stuff I don’t really like.

This year, though, I’m armed and ready to actually enjoy all our summer adventures (we’ve had some really fun ones thus far)! Bugs begone! Sun, you will not burn me, nor will you give me a headache. And if you do, I know what to do! Its here in our blogs.

The difference between this summer and all the summers before? Lavender essential oil. I made sure to have a full bottle on hand before summer began, and I’ve already put it to use on multiple occasions. Good thing each bottle has more than 100 drops of oil in it!

You can purchase a bottle of Young Living Lavender Oil here for just over $30 (it lasts a long time and is good for just about any malady). If you’re a YL distributor, the price drops to $23.50; click here to learn more about being a distributor. And if you just want more information about Young Living’s lavender oil, then this is the link you want. And clearly, with the exception of the last link, those are affiliate links. I’m sure you figured that out already but I have to tell ya just in case.

5 Summer Uses for Lavender Oil

1. Bug Spray

Lavender is apparently one of those fragrances that bugs just don’t like, so you can use it in bug sprays or diffuse it during outdoor gatherings.  The picture above is actually a bug spray that I made using different essential oils besides lavender… but if you don’t have the Purification and Thieves oil (or you don’t like their scent) required for that recipe, you can try this Lavender/Citrus Bug Spray from Surviving the Stores or this even simpler bug spray made with only lavender oil and water (it can be used to freshen sheets OR keep the bugs away – I love a multi-tasker!).

Don’t want to bother with mixing up sprays and potions? No problemo! Just dab some lavender oil (neat or diluted) right on your wrists, neck, ankles and any other place you want to keep the bugs away. That’s all there is to it!

2. Insect Bites

And if the bugs break through your lavender-scented barrier? Guess what? It works to relieve the itching and heal the bite, too. Cool, huh? Lavender is the oil of choice for the majority of bug bites, including those form mosquitoes, gnats, chiggers, ants, and even spiders! For tick bites, you’ll want something stronger, but lavender will do the trick for most any other bug bite.

Since lavender is gentle on the skin, you don’t even need to dilute it (but you can if you want it to stretch further). Just put a dab on the bite as needed.

3. Sunscreen

I haven’t made my own sunscreen yet, but once I’ve finished up with the bottle of natural sunscreen I recently purchased, I’m definitely going to be trying my friend Mary’s super-simple recipe for homemade sunscreen. If you click on that link, you’ll find she has several different options, but the most basic one is just a mixture of lavender essential oil and coconut oil. (Yes, coconut oil. Don’t confuse plain old coconut oil with the coconut-scented tanning lotions of the past.)

4. Sunburn Relief

My DH never used to be burned by the sun, but I think I’ve rubbed off on him. Or maybe he’s just getting older. Or maybe he doesn’t have the chance to develop a base tan like he used to. Whatever the case, earlier this summer after an afternoon at the pool with The Boys, he had a terrible (and I mean terrible) sunburn. I felt so bad for him! Thankfully, though, I had my full bottle of lavender oil ready to be put to use.

Once or twice a day, I would massage some lavender oil into his shoulders where the worst of the burn was. Then I’d follow it up with some coconut oil. I’m not sure how quickly it would have healed without using those oils, but the heat from the burn cooled down within a day or so, and then the redness was gone in a few more days, after which it started peeling.

Clarinda shares how lavender helped heal her sunburn as well.

5. Headaches

The sun always gives me a headache. Probably it’s because I’m chronically dehydrated or something of the sort, but in any case, I don’t stay out in it too long if I can help it. But when I do get a headache, I turn to lavender oil. (Peppermint is apparently good for this, too.) All I do is put a drop or two on a cotton ball and take a deep breath of it every few minutes until the headache is gone. It usually takes about 10-15 minutes for the headache to disappear completely and then I’m good to go.

**Lavender Essential Oil photos courtesy of Young Living Essential Oils.

**I’m not a doctor, and I’m not trained to give medical advice. Follow these suggestions at your own risk, or ask your doctor for his/her opinion.