5 Quick Dinner Ideas {Menu: Fish}

If you have a busy schedule and are in need of some super-duper quick dinner ideas, fish can’t be beat in terms of getting a healthy meal on the table in no time flat. Filleted, frozen, and canned seafood are all great options that not only come together quickly, but are delicious and nourishing.

Note: Not all fish are created equal, and not all fish are healthy. The topic is far too complicated for me to delve into here, but I will point you instead to Monterey Bay Aquarium’s excellent resource, a printable guide (or app!) that tells you at a glance which types of fish are the best. And since that chart is not particularly helpful in regards to tuna, I found this very informative resource that details what to look for in tuna and where to find it.

So if you need some super quick dinner ideas, Our Blog has got 5 great recipes for you that should be on the table in 30 minutes or less. I can personally vouch for each recipe, as these are the ones I turn to time and again whenever fish is on the menu (or I need dinner STAT!).

5 Quick Dinner Ideas
{When Fish is on the Menu}

Perfect for lunch OR dinner: cornmeal-crusted fish fingers that come together in a jiffy and taste delicious!

A hot open-faced sandwich with melty cheese… what’s not to love?

To avoid the issues presented by canned tuna, switch it out for canned salmon in this yummy pasta salad that’s perfect any time of year.

Lemon and fish just seem to be made for each other, as exemplified in this super simple recipe for Lemon Garlic Tilapia that can be made with just about any kind of fish.

Garlic Dill Salmon: This is the first recipe I ever tried with salmon… and I keep coming back to it!