Tuna Pasta Salad for Spring

Move over, mayo! We don’t need you anymore. Not when we have deliciousness like garlicky vinaigrette to dress our salad! Not when the weather is {finally} whispering spring into our ears. Not when lighter fare beckons our taste buds.

Oh, no, we don’t need mayo. Not for tuna pasta salad, anyway!

Need a QUICK weeknight dinner on a beautiful spring day? This is what you’re looking for! Definitely less than half an hour start to finish, and you can’t really ask for more than that!

It’s just as EASY as traditional tuna salad, despite cooking the veggies just a bit. And did you notice it uses only one pot? Less clean-up!

The fact that it doesn’t use meat makes it a CHEAP dinner. I try to serve pasta once a week because it is a great frugal option that keeps me from having to buy quite as much meat.

It’s HEALTHY as is, and can be even healthier if you add more vegetables (peas come to mind). Be sure to use a whole grain pasta, or one like Barilla Plus, which is my personal favorite. Homemade is even better (but negates the quick and easy aspect!). Check more blogs here.