The Twelve Treats of Christmas: Eggnog Latte

Last but not least… I’m sure you’re either too busy to think about baking anymore, or too wrapped up in Christmas dinner plans, or maybe you’re actually just relaxing and enjoying the holiday. Perhaps, like me, you’re rushing off to a Christmas Eve service. In any case, here’s a really easy way through our blog which really simple treat to enjoy on Christmas Day with a late breakfast (after all the presents are open, of course!).

Almost as QUICK as pouring a cup of coffee!

Nearly as EASY.

CHEAP if you have eggnog on hand (or have homemade). Eggnog is on the expensive side to buy just for this… but I confess: that’s the only reason I buy eggnog anyway!

Fairly HEALTHY, depending on what ingredients are in your eggnog. High fructose corn syrup or hydrogenated fats, not so much. All natural ingredients? You’re good to go!