4 Ways to Prevent Cancer {Touched by Cancer}

Touched by Cancer - a series at Authentic Simplicity Have you been touched by cancer? Maybe not you personally, but a close friend or family member? Then this series is for you. In honor of a dear friend of mine who was diagnosed with colon cancer earlier this year, I dedicate this small space of the internet to spreading hope and compassion in the face of a terrible disease. Hope for prevention and treatment, and compassion for those suffering. Please share the posts in this series with anyone you know who has been touched by cancer.

Annually, ten million people are diagnosed with some form of cancer, and approximately seven million die from the cancer. Cancer is alarmingly on the rise with numbers increasing each year. I believe this calls for a reason to stop and evaluate our modern-day lives. If cancer is not something contagious, but a disease that develops in the body, is there a way to prevent it?

One of the biggest culprits is poor diet.

Years ago when cancer was rare, people depended on wild food, fresh fruits and vegetables that they grew for a large portion of their diet. These foods contained living enzymes and nutrition. Today our food comes from the nearest drive-thru or a box off a shelf, which contains almost no nutrition.

Suppose you filled your car with rocks, dirt, or jet fuel? Would you expect it to run correctly? We all know the car would have major problems! When our body does not have the proper nutrition that God designed for it to have, our bodies will not be o.k.. Poor nutrition leads to poor health, which results in disease and possible cancer.

So what does a healthy diet look like? The ideal diet is all organic, and at least half being raw foods; never going to a fast food restaurant, never purchasing something in a box…. This kind of diet is not realistic for most. I encourage people to start where they are and do what they can.
Do you eat out all the time? Begin making homemade meals more often than buying something from take-out.
Do you eat things from a box often? Start making most meals from scratch.
Do you never eat fresh fruits or vegetables? Train your body to eat and enjoy fresh food. Work toward eating at least 50% raw.
Do you eat whatever, not considering with what’s in it? Learn to be an ingredient reader. Avoid foods with harmful ingredients like MSG, high fructose corn syrup, and aspartame.

Many people get discouraged because they can’t jump straight into an ideal diet; don’t be. Start where you are and begin making changes. You will notice a great improvement in your health as you work towards that ideal diet.

Cleanse yearly.

Because of environmental toxins and toxins from personal care products, the average person has a very serious need to detox on a regular basis. It is said that the average person carries 10 lbs. of waste in their bodies! Cleansing the body clears toxins, and creates an environment that is more resistant to disease.

The cleansing order recommended by many health-care professionals is:

I also love to take bentonite clay baths! Bentonite clay pulls toxins and heavy metals from your body, leaving you feeling so refreshed and clean!

Exercise faithfully.

We’ve all heard for many years how important it is to exercise, and that’s because it is! Exercise rejuvenates cells and gets the lymph system moving.

Rebounding is considered to possibly be the best exercise for rejuvenating the lymph system. Rebounding is simply jumping on a mini-trampoline. This exercise not only increases the lymph flow, it also strengthens the immune system and gives more oxygen to the blood. It is recommended to rebound 10-15 minutes a day.

Add healthy herbs and supplements to your body.

A few suggestions are:
Coconut Oil
Red Raspberry Leaf
Red Clover

Green Tea

Indian Gooseberry/Amalaki

I personally love making different mixtures of herbs into teas! I keep at least a gallon {sometimes two gallons} of tea in my fridge all the time for my family to drink often.I also enjoy a cup of hot tea in the winter months! Flax and coconut oil are great to add to oatmeal for its amazing health benefits!

What natural things do you do to help prevent cancer?

Jill is a
Christian and has been married to her dear husband for 12 years. She’s
a homeschool mom of 4 and is thankful for God’s goodness in her daily life. As a certified family herbalist, her passions include reading and researching about health and home remedies, and sharing
with others the knowledge she gains. You can find her blogging at and connect with her on and Pinterest.


  1. My husband was diagnosed with brain cancer this summer and, needless to say, our family has made a LOT of changes since then. One of the first things I learned, while researching the relationship between diet and cancer, is just how bad sugar and refined carbs are for us. Cancer cells thrive on glucose (in fact, when they give a PET scan to look for cancer, they administer a glucose injection because tumors will gobble the stuff up more than healthy cells will); those trying to prevent, or to deal with existing cancer do well to eliminate sugar from their diets entirely. We’re almost there. It’s so worth it.

  2. I feel greatly for your family during this time, Katie. May God be with your husband as he fights this cancer. Thank you for sharing your tips!

  3. Do you have more detailed information on how to do all the cleanses you mentioned? Right now I am working on taking antiparasitic antifungal herbs. But I am not totally sure of what is safe and effective as far as the antiparasitic herbs. I don’t know anything about a kidney cleanse, and would be interested in knowing more.

  4. Jill, have you ever done a cleanse while pregnant or breastfeeding? I didn’t get into natural living until I became a mom, and I’ve been either pregnant or breastfeeding consistently for over 5 years now. I would like to do a cleanse but would like to breastfeed my 3 month old until 2 years old, unless she self weans or I get pregnant (my babies usually self-wean halfway through my pregnancies). Any tips? Thanks! Enjoyed this post! :)

  5. Instead of aspartame, what do you suggest?

  6. Thanks for this Jill! This is a great post.

    I would add avoiding chemicals in your personal care products, house cleaning supplies, off gassing furniture, and just general toxic exposure around the home and for personal care!

    Thank you for sharing on natural living monday! This whole series is going into my “Health stuff” pintrest tab!

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