A Simple Christmas Series

Does Christmas ever seem like it’s just too much? Does it ever seem like it’s just completely lacking in all the qualities it’s supposed to bring: love, joy, peace…?

The solution is to simplify (a familiar refrain around here). And what is simplification but crystallizing the focus, honing in on that, and dismissing all the rest? Christmas is about celebrating Jesus Christ with my family, and nothing else. To that end, I am eliminating (or significantly reducing) anything that interferes with that purpose: no more commercialization, no more excessive spending, no more elusive searches for the “perfect” gift, no more of anything that blurs my focus on the truly important things.

To that end, I will be bringing you 25 tips to help all of us celebrate A Simple Christmas, kind of like the Authentic Simplicity version of an Advent Calendar. Each day, your inbox will bring you one simple tip to help you focus your Christmas celebration on what really matters, and forget about all that other stuff. You will discover ways to:

  • Spend less money on gifts, cards, wrapping, and decorating
  • Focus on your family and loved ones
  • Spend less time in the kitchen
  • Spend less time decking the halls
  • Give generously but intentionally
  • …and much more!

Please subscribe via email so that you don’t miss any of these tips. Let’s all have A Simple Christmas together!

As the series progresses, you can view all the posts here.




  1. I can’t WAIT to hear all these tips!! What a great thing to be doing before the Christmas craziness starts!

  2. I would like to sign up but the links are not working for me for some reason.

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