No More Pine Needles on the Floor

In my family, having a real Christmas tree is almost – almost – sacred. It was tradition growing up to go to a Christmas tree farm and pick out the perfect tree, cut it down and bring it home. There was never even a discussion about the possibility of buying an artificial tree; we didn’t even consider it.

Now as an adult I realize there are practical reasons why people choose to get a fake tree: for one thing, you can buy a tree that lasts for many Christmases for the same price you can buy a real tree at Lowe’s or a local farm. And another big reason many people choose to go with an artificial tree over a real tree is the pine needles. Those sharp little boogers get all over the floor and into any available nook and cranny and clog up your vacuum cleaner when you try to clean them up.

I get that, I really do. But as the name of my blog implies, I have a tendency to insist on the real thing. Ya know, authentic. Fake just doesn’t do it for me. So I’m perfectly willing to deal with the annoying little pine needles  and the extra cost every year simply for the joy and genuine-ness of a true  honest-to-goodness Christmas tree. Totally worth it, in my opinion.

But if you do not agree with me, I do have one suggestion for you that will at least take care of the pine needle problem. The cost is unavoidable unless you have a forest in your backyard, so  no help for you there. But I can help with the pine needles.

And it only costs $5 (it might be even less at Walmart). All you need is one of these handy dandy disposable Giant Tree Removal Bags, which are essentially extremely large and very sturdy trash bags. It is designed so that you place it under your tree when you set it up, and hide it underneath the tree skirt. When Christmas is over, all you have to do is pull the bag up and over the tree so you can drag it out to your local tree recycler without spreading pine needles the whole way there.


  1. Ooh great idea!! I do LOVE the smell of the fresh pine needles as well :) It’s Christmas!

  2. Now that is just genius!!

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